Modified Cars
All too often the excitement of making modifications to vehicles overtakes safety and common sense. Accidents and damage caused by poorly installed components is common place, don't take risks and have a professional install and set-up your vehicle upgrades.

 Here at Ren7oaks we understand the passion and connection some of us have with our cars, vans, trucks and even bikes. In this day and age the things you like to do with every day cars is no different when we were younger, we have a long running history building MK1 and MK2 Escorts, Series 1 Turbos and even the odd Monster Truck. Bottom line is we understand why people wish to midfy their pride and joy, personalise it and put your mark on it.

The trouble is something we can readily purchase online or through a mainstream parts supplier may have taken a few months to save up for and then fitting is often carried out on your friends driveway, this is where serious errors can be made. We understand we want to save a few pennies too, understandably, most parts are not cheap and end up with butchered wiring looms, damaged arches, blowing exhausts and all manner of things that can soon turn that pride and enjoy into your worst enemy. Fret not, give us a call and we can help professionally install any of the parts you may have purchased, either online, in a store, a show aor even through a friend. Rest assured we have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can provide quality installation of your parts.

Many people make the huge mistake of buying Alloys and just bolting them on without thinking about tracking, wheel balancing and also clearance of a vehicle. Ok, we can do so much at home and get some advice online but your literally playing with a potentially life threatening situation caused by incorrect fitment and you may be causing more damage to your vehicle than you realise. Ren7oaks will be more than happy to discuss any custom installation requirements you may have.


REN7OAKS STAFF ARE CLASSIFIED UNDER COVID-19 "KEYWORKERS". To all our customers, we are starting to get back to some sort of normality as best we can whilst adhering to the current guidelines. We are taking bookings as normal so if you need us give us a call, leave a message or email us. We hope you all are safe and well. Sean, Stuart and Jack. Thank you for your continued loyalty.